The Davis Memorial Cancer Care Center Donates Mapcheck Device

The Davis Memorial Health System, Cancer Care Center in Elkins, West Virginia graciously donated a Mapcheck device to EmpowerRT in the summer of 2019. Mapcheck is a sophisticated and expensive electronic dosimetry device that is essential for patient safety and quality evaluation for clinical IMRT application.

The Davis Cancer Care Center was happy to make the donation of the MapCheck device. Being a rural hospital based program we understand the issues of not always having the funds needed to purchase much needed equipment. It was great working with Dr Sandwall everything went smooth and I’m glad the MapCheck will be put to good use.

Duane Boyce, B.S., CMD, RT (R)(T)
Davis Memorial Health System, Cancer Care Center Director

Medical physicists use Mapcheck to measure the 2-dimensional IMRT radiation map before actual patient treatment. The device compares the map against the planned IMRT radiation map produced by the treatment planning software. It provides data for a physicist to analyze the difference that the clinical physicist can decide if it is safe for patient treatment.

Donations like the Mapcheck Device is one way EmpowerRT is able to provide Personalized Cancer Care, Everywhere.

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